With our spacious 80ft squared live room, four isolation booths and classic synth collection, Shockerwick Studios is suitable for all genres and ensembles. From 20 piece big bands to individual EDM producers, we can accommodate all reasonable session requirements.


The fantastic sounding live room is perfect for large ensembles or for capturing that ‘big’ drum sound.

With the option of Logic Pro X or ProTools 12 and the capability to record 24 simultaneous tracks of audio plus unlimited overdubs, Shockerwick Studios is the perfect choice for both large and small scale productions.

For those musicians who favour their music to be of a more electronic persuasion we provide a selection of classic analog and digital synths featuring the Roland TB303, TR909, Access Virus TI, Juno106, Waldorf Q and many more. Our synths are fully integrated into our unique Logic MIDI environment putting their immortal sounds at the artist’s fingertips.


Our isolation booths allow for spill-free live tracking of multiple band members. Ideal for capturing the feel of a live performance.

We provide the option for 5 individual monitor mixes, with the ability to feed multiple headphones from each mix. No more wasted time spent struggling to hear yourself in the single headphone mix!!

No studio would be complete without a large microphone collection and here at Shockerwick Studios we are proud to offer a grand assortment of ribbons, condensers and dynamics. Whatever the session, we have the tools and experience to capture your timeless performances with precision and taste.