Rehearsal Rooms

Each of our clean and spacious rehearsal rooms comes equipped with a 1K / 2K PA system, vocal FX processor, 3 microphones and microphone stands. The rooms' PA’s have been individually tuned to their room to eliminate feedback and provide you with a squeal-free practice.

Each room setup also includes a bass drum, 2 toms, floor tom and bass amp at no extra cost. Just bring your breakables and guitar rigs and you’re set to go! Where needed additional amps and drum breakables are available for hire for a small fee. However additional microphones will be provided free of charge on request; you just have to ask!

Please note that we only accept minimum bookings of 4 hours. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the booking time will not be refunded.

Rehearsal Room 1

Shockerwick Studios Rehearsal Room 1

Rehearsal Room 3

Shockerwick Studios Rehearsal Room 3


Shockerwick Studios Studio Rehearsal Room


Shockerwick Studios Kitchen

The communal kitchen provides tea and coffee making facilities and is the perfect area to relax and meet fellow musicians. An outdoor seating area allows you to give your eardrums a rest and take in our fantastic panoramic view. Perfect for those hot summer nights!